AKIMI + sound Diplomacy

Sound Diplomacy: Creating vibrant cities through music

Via a generous grant from the Municipality of Anchorage, AKIMI will be hosting Sound Diplomacy staff in Alaska at the 2019 Alaska Music Summit (December 6-8). Over the past 2 years, AKIMI has been building a partnership with UK based public policy consultants Sound Diplomacy (UK) as we work to promote Alaskan music and make Alaska a destination for international music events. With decades of experience in the music industry, Sound Diplomacy is able to bridge the gap between music and the world of policy and urban planning.

AKIMI presented at international 2019 Music Cities Convention in Chengdu, China where the theme was “Districts to Countries: Envisioning Global Music Cities”. AKIMI worked with planning professionals and city leaders from around the globe exploring the relationship between city planning, strategy, urban development, economic growth and the music industry in two full days of presentations, panels and roundtables. Over 300 delegates from Asia and all over the world joined us in Chengdu.