ArtsNW: Block booking for Alaskan musicians

Through a strong partnership with the Alaska State Council on the Arts, AKIMI funds and coordinates an Alaskan musician membership roster as an ArtsNW affilate. At the annual ArtsNW conference (held in a different city each ear) booking agencies, block booking groups, and presenters from around the Pacific Northwest gather to discover new regional talent to bring to their communities. Alaskan artists involved in this project work together year-round to focus on professional showcasing technique and then travel to the conference to showcase and connect with presenters and booking agents.

ALASKAN MUSICIANS: If you are planning to tour in the Pacific Northwest. Email to join in this project. Each year we host fundraisers and send a delegation of Alaskan musicians to showcase at the ArtsNW conference. Please plan to purchase an AKIMI membership.

NOTE: This conference is best suited for bands and musicians in the Folk / Americana / Roots / Traditional / Acoustic genres. AKIMI is actively working to build channels to promote all genres of Alaskan music via our programs.